Pre-paid SIM card / Austrian number

Using your SIM card from home or from any other NON-EU phone company is extremely expensive and will result in a very unpleasant surprise when you’re receiving the phone bill. Get an Austrian SIM card as quickly as possible!

Especially in the first couple of weeks, a cheap pre-paid phone or SIM card to call your family and friends will be useful. Even with an Austrian SIM card, international calls can be quite expensive. However, you might want to consider getting a cell phone contract.


Basic tips for calling in Austria

  • If you don’t know the number which is calling you, always say your last name. Picking up and saying “Hello” or even only “Ja” (Yes) is considered to be rude.
  • Dialing numbers can be confusing in Austria. If you want to be on the safe side, simply dial the whole number (including the country code and any other area prefix).===> Austrian country code is: 0043  ===> Area code for Viennese landline numbers is: 01 ===> code for mobile phones: 0664, 0650, 0676, 06991, 0677, etc.


  • calling a Viennese landline: 0043 1 535…..
  • calling an Austrian mobile phone: 0043 650 44…

FeelsLikeHome Tip: Save the numbers in your phone with the corect code, so that you’ll never be mistaken!

  • Incoming calls are always free.
  • You can look for Austrian phone numbers at
  • Here is a list of some important emergency phone numbers
  • In case of an emergency, call:Bildergebnis für rettung wien

— Euro Emergency 112

— Police  Emergency 133

— Fire Emergency 122

— Ambulance  Emergency 144

  • If you are sick and need help, call:

— Help line 142

— Emergency service for poisoning 01 / 406 43 43

  • if your car breaks down, call:

— ÖAMTC 120

— ARBÖ 123


Get Started


● Generally you do not need an ID-­card or any other document to buy a prepaid card.

○ However, some providers offer monthly plans, which are normally even more cost­ efficient, if you register with a valid ID and an Austrian bank account (get your free­-of­-charge bank account here).

○ All prepaid cards are anonymous, unless you register your number.


● Usually the SIM­card does not need to be activated. 

○ You can simply put it in your mobile phone and start talking.

○ Top­ups can be bought in all supermarkets, post offices, tobacco shops, ATMs, at one of over 100 E-money universal payment machines or simply online. Mostly the activation code is just printed on a receipt.

● Cellphone Plans may distinguish between

○ land­line phone calls,

○ cellular calls with the same operator,

○ cellular calls for other operators, and

○ special­priced numbers.

Each operator has a default prefix but numbers can be ported to other operators easily.


Calling Rates


Bildergebnis für telefonzelle vintage


The telephone market is constantly changing and new pre-paid or post-paid plans are introduced on a monthly basis.

In general, calls within the same mobile network are very cheap, sometimes even free depending on your contract.

If you choose for instance the FLH partner, you only have to pay 15€ and are able to call within Austria for free.

For additional €4/month you get mobile internet access.

FeelsLikeHome Tip: At big electronic retailers, like Media Markt, all providers in Austria are represented. The staff will be able to give you up to date information about all tariff plans.


How to use the Sim card 

If your phone requires a nano SIM card, you need to go to a phone shop to have the sim-card cut for you. There is one at Praterstrasse 53 (Aria Handy).

Then you need to buy credit for the phone: Either €10 or €20

You can get credit in phone shops, supermarkets or tobacco stores

To upload money to your phone:

Call: 83 0 33

The first time you are topping it up press 4 to change the language and then 2 for English

Afterwards press 1 to top up your balance

Enter the code you have received on your credit voucher


To move money from your phone credit towards data you have two options:

  1. 1GB for €4 Put the following code into your dial field: *151*1105# —> Call this number; confirm with „1“ when you receive the confirmation message
  2. 4GB for €9 Put the following code into your dial field: *151*1106# —> Call this number; confirm with „1“ when you receive the confirmation message