Business customs in Vienna 

Moving to a new country can be daunting, especially at first, when you don’t know many people. Thankfully Vienna has a large expat population, who have a great community. With regular meet ups, online forums and general support, you will never feel alone in Vienna again! Here are some ways to get involved with the other expats in the city.

Vienna Expat Website

A hub of online forums and community events, this website is a great place to start. They’re ‘members’ include many nationalities from around the globe, and their events range from barbeques to formal lectures on becoming an Austrian citizen. They also have a FAQs page to help any expat get through the first difficult stages of moving to a new country, as well as an online forum where anyone can pose and answer questions from other expats.


Facebook is another great place to connect with expats, whether it’s using one of the many pages dedicated to expats in Vienna, or adding friends from your latest expat barbeque, it’s an important tool for anyone! Here are a few groups and pages to get you started:

  • Our very own group ‘New2Vienna’:
  • The official page for the Vienna expats website mentioned above:
  • ‘British in Vienna’:
  • A group for foreign students in Vienna:
  • Au pairs in Vienna:

A simple search can bring up hundreds more, and these pages are a great platform for connecting with others like you, or simply finding out what’s going on!

Another great feature of Facebook is the ‘Events near me’ tool, which will always keep you up to date on everything happening in Vienna.


Expat Exchange

This is another great pit stop for any expat, with hundreds of articles and advice about living abroad. The website has a whole section on Austria, with an online forum, guides and help with anything from buying a house to making friends.


Feels Like Home!

And of course, we want to help you with all aspects of moving to Vienna. If there’s anything you can’t find on our website or want to know more about, simply let us know! Make sure to like our Facebook page to keep up to date with all things expat in Vienna!