No matter how long you are staying, this information about electronics will always come in handy. Did you know that the voltage system is different in Austria than in many other countries and that you will maybe need travel chargers? Do you want to buy something new? Or do you want to get something fixed? Read on!

Voltage System:

The rules regarding distribution of electricity for portable appliances and lightning differ severely among countries. Voltage, frequency, and plug type vary widely and physical compatibility of receptacles does not always ensure compatibility.

In Austria, we make use of two types of plugs, identified as Type C and Type F in IEC World Plugs. The former is known as the “Europlug” and is described as a plug which fits into any socket that accepts 4.0–4.8 mm round contacts on 19 mm centres. The latter has 4.8 mm pins on 19 mm centres, but with grounding clips on both sides.

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We use a voltage of 230 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. This standard has become widespread in most parts of the world, so in general you’ll be safe with the aid of an adapter or a change to the equipment’s connection plug for Austria. However, adapters that allow insertion of otherwise mechanically incompatible plugs into sockets may not ensure the same grounding and polarization as a compatible system of plugs and sockets.

What does this mean for you? Careful: if your portable appliance is designed for another voltage and frequency combination, since it might not operate or even get destroyed (sometimes it even works for a couple of minutes or hours until it all of a sudden burns out!)!


If you want to buy something new in Austria, definitely check out our description of warranty below, to know your rights. When you’re buying something, the question “where to buy” always pops up. You’ll want to pick the place with the best products, the best service and the best price.

We believe that that place is Mediamarkt.

Bildergebnis für mediamarkt filialeThey offer a wide range of high quality products, for everyone’s budget. Since Vienna does not have an Apple store, it is important to note that Apple products are sold here as well. Furthermore, their employers are always ready to give you great advice. If you, for example, want to buy a phone, you can directly choose a provider there as well. They are familiar with the offers of every Austrian provider, so with their advice and our tips (click here) you can choose the perfect provider for you. Because prices matter as well, we made a great deal with them for you!

FeelsLikeHome Tip: If you spend 50 euros there, you’ll get a gift card of €5 and if you spend €100 euros, you’ll get a €10 gift card. Just show your FeelsLikeHome card at the register and enjoy!


If you’re buying electronics in Austria or anywhere else in Europe, you are automatically (and without extra costs) entitled to a legal guarantee period of two years, even when you’re buying online.  If an item has a defect or does not look/work as advertised, the supplier is obligated to repair or replace it free of charge, give you a full refund or a reduction in price. However, the legal guarantee only applies if the supplier’s performance of the contract is inadequate, meaning that you can only make use of this right in case the defect was already there when you purchased the product.The only case in which the legal guarantee can be reduced is when you’re buying second-hand goods from private individuals on a non-professional basis. Then the guarantee can be shortened to one year, provided that this was negotiated with the customer.

Shops or producers often offer an additional commercial guarantee (or warranty) that can give you extra protection. This commercial guarantee can be either included in the product price or come with an extra cost. Note that the commercial guarantee never replaces or reduces your right on the legal guarantee!

In 1979, the first Media Markt was opened in Germany. In the meantime, Media Markt has become Europe’s market leader for consumer electronics. Every day, customers are being served all over Austria in over 30 stores or via the webshop. With the biggest assortment of electronics from all different renowned brands, fair prices and an excellent service, Media Market’s customers know exactly what they can expect. Their formula is dependent on five important principles.

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Paying too much? Hey, I’m not stupid!
At Media Markt, you’ll always benefit from fair prices and competitive offers. Every day Media Markt compares their prices to the prices of their largest competitors, to make sure that their prices are fair. If competitors turn out to be cheaper, then the prices in their stores and webshop are immediately adjusted. Thanks to their digital price tags, the adjustments happen automatically and you are sure of never paying too much.


Buying new headphones without testing them first? I’m not crazy!
Media Markt offers you the ultimate shopping experience. You will find the largest range of electronics under one roof, always including the newest and most innovative products. In addition, all of the products can be viewed, touched and tested, before buying.


Buying before getting advised? Hey, I’m not a fool!
Media Markt’s staff is always ready to give you advice, whenever it is wanted. The independent staff will advise you sincerely and answer your questions with great expertise, so that you always go home with the right product. Also concerning service, installation and warranty, Media Markt doesn’t know any real competition.

Product range

Settle for less? I’m not an idiot!
Media Markt offers the largest range of consumer electronics, in their stores as well as online. Furthermore, almost all products are in stock and available to you directly.


No matter where you are or at which crazy, nightly hour you’d like to contact Media Markt, it is always possible! Every weekday, there is late night shopping and in addition, the webshop is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s you who chooses how you’ll get informed, where you’ll buy a product and whether you’ll pick it up or let it be delivered, free of charge.If you visit our partner branch at Wien Mitte (Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1b, 1030 Wien), don’t forget to bring your FeelsLikeHome membership card to get a €5 voucher with every purchase over €50 or a €10 voucher with every purchase over €100.

Mobile plans in Austria

In Austria, there are a lot different mobile plans, provided by different companies. Most of them are offered by (subbrands of) the 4 biggest providers: T‐Mobile/ Telering, A1, Drei, RedBull, but a lot of smaller providers are active as well. Because Austria supposedly is a test market for telecommunication companies, there are many providers who introduce new plans almost on a monthly basis. This results in a whole lot of options you can chose from.

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Choosing between all of these frequently-changing options can be very difficult. You’ll need to choose your mobile plan for yourself, because it all depends on your personal needs. You can get up to date information about the current tariff plans of all providers at Media Markt. Instead of giving you a long overview of all these plans, we will list some things that you should know to make sure that you choose the mobile plan that matches your needs perfectly.

7 steps to find the perfect plan for you!

1) First and foremost, think of your own preferences. What do you mostly do on your phone? Do you browse a lot? Do you text a lot? Do you prefer to call your family and friends back home? Think of all your needs and choose your plan accordingly.

2) Are you only looking for a mobile plan, or do you consider buying a new phone as well? Most of the providers offer phones along with the contract. But be warned: getting a new phone oftencomes with either paying more money per month, or paying an extra fee in advance.

3) Bear in mind that one/two-year contracts are a standard procedure in the telecom business. So, if you have decided to get into an agreement, make sure that you will be in Austria for at least one year. Otherwise you will have to keep paying the monthly fees when you get home, or you will have to pay a penalty for breaking the contract.

4) In order to enter into an agreement for a mobile plan, you need to be registered in the magistrat. You can do that within three months after you have registered in Vienna – read more about this here.

5) When starting a contract you will need to bring your Meldezettel and your passport!

6) To open your contract, we strongly recommend you to go to our partner store Media Markt at the Mall “Wien Mitte – Landstrasser Hauptstrasse” because some mobile plan providers have stricter requirements for internationals to open contracts than others. At Media Markt you can choose between all Austrian providers. In case a provider rejects you as a costumer you can simply choose another one right away! If you still don’t feel like going there, you can also check out providers online, since most of them have online shops.

7) Once you’ve chosen the best mobile plan for yourself and you have entered into a contract, make sure that you have the necessary amount of money in your bank account every month around the date you have started it. If you don’t have any money into your account to pay your monthly fee, your bank will charge you extra!