Expat bank account

Not only should you have an Austrian bank account to avoid international transaction fees but it is also a requirement for things such as renting an apartment and paying insurance.Are you having trouble making up your mind about which bank to join? We are here to help!

Our choice is Erste Bank, and here are some reasons why:

They offer the most modern banking in Austria, with the most user friendly mobile banking system – George.
It is one of the largest Austrian banks with a  perspective on innovation.
We have negotiated a special deal just for FeelsLikeHome members:
Debit account free of charge for 1 year (includes banking and card)
Credit card account free of charge for 1 year (includes banking and card)
Without wasting time waiting in line at the bank or waiting for an available time slot, book an appointment directly from the tool on the bottom
of this page.
s Komfort Konto
This amazing new, user friendly type of account is definitely the way to go! What does it offer?
Around the clock easy banking from your computer, tablet or smartphone
Analytics and charts concerning your account activity
Free and always available history report; unlike in other banks in Austria
s Kreditkarten
You have a choice between a Visa and a MasterCard which are perfect for online shopping, booking flights, reserving tickets etc.
This credit card system sets the security of your account as a priority.
The SMS-Service immediately informs you about all activity on your account.
The SecureCode increases the level of protection during online purchases.
Your online account provides you with a quick and clear overview of your financial status, as well as all transactions which have been made.
In case we have helped you make up your mind or you would simply like to find out more by meeting with an Erste Bank representative who
speaks English and is aware of our FeelsLikeHome discounted offer, use the tool below tobook an appointment in just 5 simple steps.