Fitness in Vienna

People always say that international students live wildly. Do crazy parties, excessive drinking and midnight snacks sound familiar? Then you might want to compensate for that by getting fit!
Of course, fitness is not only a way of making up for your bad habits, it can just be part of your “hot body”-plan or result from your drive to stay healthy. For whatever reason, if you want to get sporty, we’re proud of you already!

As a student, you will find everything that you need to stay in shape for a decent price at the dormitories. Linkedliving dormitories for example house Fit Fabrik. For only €19,90/month, Fitfabrik offers its members high-quantity equipment of high-quality. This offer is only valid at the following Fit Fabrik’s branches: Hietzing, Maculangasse and Gerasdorf. For an extra €10/month, you can also work out at Fit Fabrik Liezen.  

If you want a little bit more from your gym than only equipment, definitely check out Fit Fabrik Plus and our amazing all inclusive offer.  All FeelsLikeHome members only pay €34,90/month (instead of €59,80) for a 12-month ALL INCLUSIVE gym membership. You’re wondering what “all inclusive” exactly means? It means: a 12 month membership (including sauna, powerplate, aerobics and other group courses) in addition to a free drinks-pass! Register now at Fit Fabrik Plus Messecarree (Vorgartenstraße 204, 1020 Vienna) and save € 298,80!

Somewhere in between a fitness experience and doing actual sports, there’s Crossfit. Crossfit is a comprehensive strength and fitness training, based on varying functional exercises that are executed intensely and at high speed. By focusing on the entire body, you can improve your endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, speed, dexterity, balance, coordination and fine motorics. You shouldn’t think of treadmills and traditional fitness equipment, but more of a giant playground for adults with climbing ropes, rings, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars…
You’re doing it together with other people, but every exercise will be adapted to your personal level. No matter how well (or little ;)) trained you are, it is possible to pick up right away! We recommend you to book a trial class at one of the three crossfit centers: the dungeon (8th district), the loft (7th district) or the starship (3rd district).