Jobs in Vienna

In 2015 the Austrian unemployment rate amounted to 9.1%. Among  non-Austrian individuals the rate was above the country’s average, precisely 13,5%. If you were to compare these rates to those of other European countries, you would conclude that the Austrian rates are actually among the lowest on the continent.

In recent times, Austria, especially Vienna have slowly been shifting to a more service-oriented labor market. Industries which were popular in the past, such as agriculture have been contributing very little to Austria’s GDP and are therefore no longer a priority. Beside the service and trade sectors, tourism is also a very valuable sector for Austria as it is the country’s biggest foreign exchange earner.

Lately it has become relatively easy to start your own venture since Austria is a country providing entrepreneurs with a great amount of support. In Vienna alone, roughly 8.000 new companies are being established every year. Vienna is definitely showing great potential for becoming Europe’s startup hub.  

Is German knowledge a requirement for working in Vienna?

Although Austria is a country whose population generally has excellent English skills, knowing German is definitely a big plus for doing business. Austria is a host to numerous international organizations as well as foreign companies so it is certainly going to happen that you come across many job opportunities which do not require German knowledge. However, it is important to mention that as you climb up the ladder in a company or organization, the need for communicating in German will increase.

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