Short-term housing

who is staying in Vienna for a period shorter than 3 years, or the ideal place to spend the transition period before finding your long-term housing. There are several types of short-term housing you could go for, such as hostels, hotels, dormitories or apartments (whether shared or private, whether serviced or not).

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The perfect type of housing for you will depend on your budget, your need for luxury and privacy, and the length of your stay.

If you only need a place for a very short transition period, you can check out the standard travel websites and find a place in the tourist branch. Some of these websites also offer discounts if you are staying for a period which is considered longer than a regular vacation. If you are planning to stay at your short-time housing as a more permanent solution (but still shorter than 3 years), we would recommend to step away from the rather touristy websites, and check out or other posts.

Travel websites

You can find hostels, hotels and apartments for a very short period through one of the many travel websites. This can result in finding private housing as well as shared. You can obviously not share your hotel room with someone else, but hostels usually offer beds in shared rooms as well as private rooms (with or without a private bathroom). In addition, you can find both private apartments and private rooms within a shared apartment.

Below, we have listed a couple of links to get you inspired for your own search. If you don’t want to spend too much time on looking for a place to stay, you can check out our recommendations for hotels and hostels under the respective topics.


Once you’ve decided to come to Vienna (good choice!), you’re going to need a place to stay. Finding housing in Vienna can be a challenge. You shouldn’t underestimate the time it takes to find a suitable flat and to undergo all the necessary steps.

Whilst you’re still in the preparation phase, you should make sure to have a checklist ready of everything you need from your future home, such as the location, the maximum budget for rent and deposit, proximity to shops, transportation links and distance to your work or university.

It is always a good idea to arrange something beforehand. That way you can rest assured that you have a place to go to when you arrive and you can make sure that you’re not spending your weekly budget on one night in a very expensive hotel, for example. In this matter, you have several options:

1. You can stay in a hostel, hotel or at a friend’s place for a couple of days until you find a better place to stay.

2. You can look for a short-term (serviced) apartment or dormitory, while searching for a better place to stay

3. You can immediately look for long-term housing.

Short-term Housing

Although it would be absolutely great to directly move into the place of your dreams, we do not know a lot of people who managed to get this done. Finding an apartment in Vienna is already hard enough when you are here, since it is a very competitive market, so you’d have to be very lucky and/or skilled to find one from abroad. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to arrange some short-term housing at first, if you are a EU citizen. Then you can start your search from there (and visit the apartments personally!) Check out our information about short-term housing HERE.

Long-term Housing

We recommend you to opt for short-term housing at first and start the search to your perfect place from there. Nevertheless, we know that it is not always possible to do that! If you are a non-EU citizen, you have to find your apartment prior to your arrival in order to get your VISA. When filling out your VISA documents, you have to state the place you are going to live in, attach your contract and provide the contacts of your landlord. If you want more information about long-term housing, then click HERE.

Why choose a shared flat?

A very popular form of housing among students is the shared flat, known in German as Wohngemeinschaft (or WG for short). Probably a good option if you want to immerse yourself in an Austrian lifestyle. Sharing an apartment is another type of accommodation Vienna offers its students. By renting a room in a WG, you: 

– pay less (depending on where the apartment is, average rooms will cost €250 to €450 per month)
– usually you do not need to pay commission fees
– meet new people
– get the best of being with people and spending time by yourself
– have your own room, but share kitchen and bathroom

Where should I live?

You can find out more information about the different districts of Vienna in our article on Private Accommodation.

Where can I find one?

In order to find a shared apartment in Vienna you should:

– Search at the Universities (many Universities have an official and unofficial online forums where students exchange their needs)
– Check the blackboards at the Universities (both yours and others!)
– Don’t stick only to your University….be diverse – look around at other Universities
– Be social – ask other students. Most empty room are filled by recommendations and word of mouth
– WG Gesucht
– Check our article 10 best links to search for an apartment
– Like our FB page – people post on our page about free spaces at times:
– FeelsLikeHome FB Group
– Like the Facebook Pages of Universities in Vienna

Things to be careful about

One person signs the tenancy agreement and becomes chief tenant. The other persons living in the apartments are subtenants only. Problems may arise when the chief tenant moves out and the subtenants cannot take over the agreement.
All persons living in the apartment sign the tenancy agreement and therefore have equal legal protection. The tenancy agreement does not change by any one of them moving out. Subsequent new occupants must be granted the same tenancy rights.
Separate tenancy agreements are signed between the landlord and each personliving in the apartment for the room they are occupying.

There are thousands of hotels and hostels all over Vienna, so where do you start? Here are a few websites to help you find high quality accommodation all over the city.

Looking for a hostel? Try Hostel World

These guys are great because they have one of the biggest databases of hostels out there (over 33,000!), so they are sure to find you the best deal. They have no booking fees, as well as a booking guarantee, which means if anything goes wrong they’ll give you $50! They also have a great app you can download, to make it easier to find and book accommodation straight from your phone.

Looking for a hotel? Try

If you’re looking for somewhere slightly more upmarket, has a great selection of hotels, apartments and B&Bs all over the city. With over 1,000 properties in Vienna alone, you are sure to find somewhere suited to you! They also have a business-oriented platform, for anyone travelling for business reasons.

Looking for something different? Try Airbnb

For something a little different, why not try Airbnb? This website allows ‘hosts’ from your desired location to advertise rooms and properties, often for a very reasonable price! Having helped over 60 million guests find their ideal accommodation, it must be good! Select between entire flats to yourself, to rooms in someone else’s house, to find your ideal place to stay. Staying with a hosts can be a very rewarding experience, with many of them being locals, thus able to offer great insight and advice about the place you’re staying in! With competitive prices and great locations, Airbnb has something to offer everybody. You’re sure to feel at home.

Here is a list of 18 useful websites and Facebook groups where you can search for your future apartment in Vienna.


Offers are posted daily. It is only in German. It has offers only from private persons.


It has both a German and an English version, though some descriptions of offers might be only in German. It has offers only from private persons.


It is only in German.


It has offers from both private persons and real estate agencies.




8. Facebook Groups

Useful Facebook groups where people post about the flats or rooms they rent are:
Wohnungen und Zimmer in Wien/ Rooms and Appartements in Vienna
Wohnungen in Wien privat zur Vermietung
Ich brauche bzw. habe eine Wohnung Wien

If you are wondering what are the different accommodation options, have a look at our article explaining that here, where you can find out everything you need.


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