Student insurances

Although we hope you’ll remain healthy during your time in Vienna, things can always go wrong. Even if it is just a minor incident, you need to be medically insured. At first, you have to decide whether you want to go with home-country insurance that also covers you internationally, or with an Austrian insurance. If you opt for an Austrian insurance, you still have to pick between public and private insurance. The best solution for you will depend on your personal preferences, country of origin and on the length of your stay.

Public Health Insurance

The minimum insurance you have to take out is the public health insurance, called WGKK (Wiener Gebiets Kranken Kasse). Health insurance makes sure that you will always get the best health provision possible, no matter how much money you have. After paying, the insurance will reimburse you the expenses for your medical treatment, including a stay in the hospital (in a multi-bed room), seeing a doctor, medicines, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, logopedics and pain-preventing dental treatments. However, public health insurance limits you to public hospitals and doctors and does not cover medical transportations or patient repatriations.


Private Health Insurance

Another option is to get private health insurance, which comes with even more benefitsUNIQA is the only insurance company that offers health insurances specifically focused on international students. We have made a great deal with them and can offer you the FeelsLikeHome Student Health Insurance. We have not found any offer with a better value for money-ratio.And the best part is all of these better and more services are offered at a CHEAPER price than the public insurance!Not to mention the lack of waiting lines and time saved when you can access the private institutions. As well as not having to deal with the Austrian insurance authority in German and with the notorious governmental agents who take their time when it comes to processing your paper work, which can take up to 2 months. With the FeelsLikeHome Student Health Insurance you get your visa confirmation letter within 3 days or quicker. And you can get it all done online, in English, at the comfort of your home. Takes away all uncertainty and unclarity about contract terms and insurance language.

You can take out an insurance right here!

The FeelsLikeHome Student Health Insurance, offers you all of the same advantages as the public health insurance, but it also allows you, for example, to go to any public or private doctors and hospitals in Vienna and it ensures that you always have the possibility to ask for an English-speaking caretaker. In addition, it does cover medical transportation/repatriation and a stay in the hospital (in special class: two-bed room).

Health insurance solution

If you are a EU citizen and plan to come to Vienna, you do not need any insurance in addition to your regular home country health insurance. Because Austria is a member of the EU, it has entered into an agreement that enables all European citizens to travel freely between member countries without needing additional health insurance.


With your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you are automatically entitled to reduced-cost or sometimes even free medical treatments. This card is supplied by your local health insurance carrier, so make sure that you request one before  traveling to Austria. It will cover part of the costs of state provided emergency health care in Austria.  However, not all medical fees are covered, and medical repatriation or on-going, non-urgent medical treatments are also not included in the coverage. Therefore, it is recommended that you obtain an extra travel and/or medical insurance for additional coverage.

Travel insurance

If you don’t have a travel insurance yet, you can take one out with us, with our specifically-tailored products for student and expats. Why not have a look here?
If any other questions pop up, feel free to contact us at


Health insurance

The coverage of the EHIC-card strongly resembles the coverage of Vienna’s public health insurance WGKK (WienerGebietsKrankenKasse), so if you want to upgrade, we recommend you to go private. We have made an incredible deal with UNIQA, so now we can offer you the FeelsLikeHome Student Health Insurance. In the downloads area, we have uploaded a detailed comparison of all the different coverages, so you can decide what is best for you.If you decide to follow our recommendation to go with UNIQA, you can already Buy it ONLINE with our insurance specialist HERE. That way, you’re able to finalize everything within your first days in Vienna or even before you leave your home, making sure that you don’t have to worry about your insurance.  Don’t forget to have a look at the checklist to immediately see what you would have to bring to the appointment.

If you’re not from the EU, you’ll need to apply for a visa before you can come to Austria. In order to get your visa, you will need to prove that you are sufficiently medically insured. Officially, you’re not a student yet when you’d be taking out this insurance, so the general student insurance does not apply to you.

Therefore, it is common to take out a short-term Austrian insurance, an international insurance in your home country or an additional travel insurance. It must be noted that it is a lot faster to get your money back with a national Austrian insurance, but you should decide for yourself if all the extra effort is worth it for such a short stay.Please note that if you’re coming from Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia or Turkey, you should not be reading this information. Your country has a health insurance agreement with Austria and therefore you belong to an exceptional category.


What are your options?

You will have to do your own research if you want to take out an international insurance in your home country, but this is often a good solution. Sometimes it can be cheaper to opt for a travel insurance to top off your normal health insurance. You can take one out with us easily and cheaply right here!

Furthermore, it is also possible to take out an short-term private health insurance – it is not possible to self-insure via the public health insurance for such a short stay. Regarding the private health insurance, we strongly believe that our partner Uniqa can offer you the best deals. Get into contact with our trusted insurance expert Alexander Herf to discuss your options. Just mention FeelsLikeHome in your e-mail to and he will be happy to help you!

If you are planning to stay in Vienna for more than 3 months, you are obliged to take out an Austrian Health Insurance to get all of your papers, most importantly your visa and student permit, in order.

Registering for insurance comes in two steps: 
1. Get a short term health insurance (needed for your visa)
2. Take out the long term insurance as soon as you are in Vienna.


Step 1: Get a short-term insurance

We recommend you to take a short-term insurance at first for 2 months (counting from your first day you arrive in Vienna). That leaves you with enough time to set up your bank account (required for long-term insurance) and to get settled in Vienna.


Step 2: Get long-term insurance in Vienna

Although it is possible to be covered by an international insurance from your home country, we strongly recommend to go with Austrian insurance. It just eases the entire process of getting medical treatment and saves you many worries you don’t want to be having while feeling badly already.


The public insurance is the minimum insurance you have to take out and it covers your basic needs for approximately €55/ month. Be aware that you are limited to public doctors and hospitals and that this amount only applies if you’re on track with your studies. If you are taking longer than necessary the fees will be around €70/month.
If you decide to take out public insurance you need to contact WGKK  directly.
Uniqua, the leading Austrian insurance company, has created a private insurance especially for international students. They offer 3 different insurance products: basic, plus and pro, starting from approximately €52/month. Private insurance covers visits to both private and public doctors or hospitals. Furthermore, waiting times will be much shorter and you will have one English-speaking contact person, specialized in working with international students.
In case you decide to follow our recommendation and take out the private insurance, you can book an appointment with our insurance expert immediately below. Don’t forget to look at the “Checklist” before you go there to see what you need to bring to the appointment.
Basically you have two options: either you take out a public insurance (WGKK) in your district’s headquarter or you go for a private insurance. You can find a detailed comparison of the different insurance options in the “Downloads”.

Some countries that are not in the EU have a health insurance agreement with Austria that allows them to be treated under the public health insurance. The qualifying countries are the following: Bosnia, Croatia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.


In order to qualify for public insurance, you must have your national health insurance carrier fill out the A3 form before coming. Bring it with you and go to a Gebietskrankenkasse in your district to exchange it for forms that indicate you are receiving health coverage by the WGKK, Vienna’s public health insurance carrier.

After you’ve done this, you will get all of the same services (and possibilities to upgrade) as members of the EU.

Mediclass is a private medical center in Vienna that hosts over 60 competent private doctors and therapists. To avoid long waiting times, you can make direct appointments with the doctor of your choice.


Mediclass is the ideal solution for you if you have taken out the “FeelsLikeHome” Student insurance by UNIQA. If you just bring your insurance card, you will not have to pay anything at all! Mediclass will directly bill UNIQA instead of making you go through the process of paying and then claiming the money back from the insurance.

Bildergebnis für uniqa

If you have any other insurance (also WGKK) you can still use Mediclass as your private medical center. For only approximately €20.-/month you can use the entire environment of Mediclass.

How to get there?
Take the U2 to station Krieau, from there it’s a 3 minute walk. Check the “Info” below for the map.



  • Convenience: Everything under one roof. No need to search for doctors anymore, just go to one medical center + More than 60 doctors and therapists
  • Save time: Direct appointments. No more waiting times. Make your appointment and walk right in… + Also the waiting time for actually getting an appointment is much shorter.
  • Free yearly check-up: At Mediclass you get a free yearly check up – worth €870.-
  • Cooperation with UNIQA: If you have the “FeelsLikeHome student insurance” by Uniqa, you don’t have to pay any money upfront. Mediclass will directly bill Uniqa.