Student jobs in Vienna

  • Finding a job in Vienna which fits your skills, preferences and schedule best can be difficult, especially as a foreigner. However, with a lot of patience and perseverance it’s perfectly possible to find your dream job. So, if you’ve decided that you’d like to work, first we would like to provide you with a list of important forms which you can download and read if you’d like to know more about the laws around work in Austria.

    –  Work allowance in Austria for students and graduates – government document
    – Criteria based Immigration to Austria – Red‐White‐Red card 
    – Employment Contract Law Adaption Act
    – Working Time Act


  • CV (Lebenslauf)


    The next thing you should do in order to find a decent job, is to prepare in advance a CV (Lebenslauf) and a motivation letter (Bewerbungsschreiben). If you are struggling to create one, use the links below to find useful information

    – How to write a CV in German? – 
    – How to write the perfect motivation letter? – 
    – How to do well in a job interview or an assessment center? –
    – How to calculate your Brutto – Netto salary? –


  • Jj 

    Since we have experienced that most of members of the Feels Like Home community are looking for a job and due to the fact that it is very difficult for a foreigner to find one, we  are offering you these websites where you can not
    only search for jobs in Vienna but you can also find news and useful tips about working in Austria and additional links.

    Check them out:

    – – This is a website specialized in student jobs.
    Here you can find different types of jobs such as childcare, promotion, call center jobs, etc.
    – – Here, you can find more professional jobs for graduates, as well as student jobs. The diversity again is enormous, so take your time and dive into it.
    – – This one is also specialised in jobs for students.
    – – Here, you can find internships as well as student and graduate jobs.
    – – This is a list made by FeelsLikeHome, where you can find news about jobs in Austria. Subscribe for it and you will be able to see tweets from specialised job searching companies with tips and news.

    Also click on the links in this step. Those links lead you to useful governmental pages with tons of legal information about working in Austria and to official representatives for employees in Austria. Links: – Ministry of Labour – Government Page – Federal Government‘s official information website on migration to Austria – Representation of Employees




    If you want to get quickly to the world of young professionals, join AISEEC in Austria now!

    What is it?
    AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. It is a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.

    Since AISEC was founded, it has engaged and developed over 1,000,000 young people who have been through an AIESECexperience. The impact of the organisation can be seen through their alumni who represent business, NGO
    and world leaders, including one Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

    What does it do?
    – Global Learning Environment – Global network enables university students to develop themselves both professionally and personally through new and challenging experiences.
    – Leadership Opportunities – Over 20,000 young leaders are experiencing leadership development through experiential learning to develop themselves and positively impact society.
    – International Internships – Experience life-changing internships and volunteering experiences through the Global Citizen and Global Talent program to develop a global mindset.

    AISEC offers different opportunities, such as career opportunities, student jobs opportunities, online language tests, etc. And seeing that society needs young people who are entrepreneurial, culturally sensitive, socially responsible, and
    who take an active part in their own learning, AIESEC offers you the opportunity to take on a leadership role before or after your internship, which allows you to make a positive impact in your society.

    If all that sounds appealing to you, head to AISEC’s website and learn more about the different programs the
    organization provides.