What`s next?

If you’ve followed or thought about all of the steps in our get informed phase, you’re well prepared for the next big step: the move. We will help you through everything you need to plan before you arrive, as well as help with life in Vienna once you get there!

After your arrival, you need to fill out your Meldezettel within 3 working days. If you’re staying in a hotel/hostel, they will take care of it, but as soon as you move into your private accommodation, you’ll have to register. If you read through our post, registering will become a piece of cake.

We strongly recommend you to get a prepaid SIM-card as soon as possible. Using your SIM-card from home to stay in touch with your family and friends will most probably result in a very unpleasant surprise when receiving the phone bill. If you don’t want to bother looking for one, one click here will guide you to our welcome package, where you can get a SIM card from us completely free! Simply send us an email (office@feelslikehome.eu) when you order it, and we’ll make sure to include your free SIM.

Another very important step is setting up your bank account (student or expat). Technically, an Austrian bank account is not among the dozens of required documents and demands to get an Austrian visa. However, an Austrian bank account is almost always necessary if you want to take out long term insurance in Austria, which is legally required to live here. Furthermore, it will be of great help in setting up other essential parts of your life: rental agreements, mobile plansinternet access, scholarships… will all come more easily if you have an Austrian bank account.

We know that you have a lot on your plate in the first few days, but don’t forget to take some time to see a bit of the amazing city you’ve just moved into! You don’t have to start doing research, because we already provide you with a list of things you must see or experience. Because you have to be able to reach all of these beautiful places, we also describe your transportation options. Obviously, you don’t want to make a complete fool of yourself while living in Vienna. You should check out our tips on “surviving the culture shock” to get informed about the unwritten rules or the funniest habits of the Viennese. No we’re talking about surviving anyway, there’s also a description of the Austrian supermarket chains!