Expat community

One one the most important things whenever you get to a new city is the getting that sense of belonging and being part of a community. So here are some of the expat communities and forums that will help you get settle in as fast as possible.

The broadest expat community in Vienna is InterNation, here you will find different groups, forums and tips on where to live, buy a car or even choose the hospital for your baby to be born.


Vienna Expats is a great forum where you can get most of the information concerning your arrival and settling in in Vienna. https://www.vienna-expats.at

There also a couple of facebook groups from which you could benefit. Either look up just expats in Austria or maybe if you want to feel closer to home try searching for your nationals directly. Here a couple of examples: 

  • Vienna Expats
  • Expats World Vienna
  • Foreigners in Vienna
  • Vienna English Speaking Community