What about your family?

Moving to a new country can be difficult for anyone, let alone children, but Vienna can be an exception. Here are some great reasons why bringing kids to Vienna can be a huge positive.

Vienna has been ranked 3rd safest city in the world, so you don’t have to worry about crime. You can rest assured, even as they get to the age where they start to explore by themselves, that this is one of the safest places they could be.

Vienna is famed for its green spaces, including an abundance of parks and playgrounds for children to enjoy.

There is a strong international community here, so kids and adults alike never have to feel alone. It’s easy to connect with other expats and swap stories or give advice on living in Vienna.

There are numerous educational options – with bilingual and international schools and universities as well as pure Austrian schools. Whether you want your children to have the full Austrian experience, or learn in their mother tongue, there are plenty of options here for you. Why don’t you check out the other tabs above for more information on the childcare and schooling options available?

Vienna also has hundreds of activities that are suitable for children. Check out our article on how to keep them entertained with a huge variety of things to do here in the city!