Household Insurance

After settling down in Vienna for the long term, you will want to take out a household insurance (Haushaltsversichering), which will cover damage to your property. In Austria, it comes together with the liability insurance (Schadenshaftpflichtversicherung), which covers part of the costs if you would accidentally damage someone else’s property.

The UNIQA household insurance covers damage to the apartment’s contents due to fire, natural disasters, water leaks and burglary. Valuables are included, depending on the product. Included in this household insurance, there’s also an insurance covering personal liability. Depending on the insurance you take out, this will cover damage up to € 1.500.000,- and is valid worldwide. You have the option to extend the liability coverage to non-family members within the household. The detailed fact sheet about what is included in UNIQA’s coverage can be found under downloads.

FeelSafe offers its customers the possibility of deselecting unnecessary protections in order to save money. By taking full responsibility for some risks, you can save up to 40% of the premium. If you switch insurance companies, you should be aware that contracts of a duration of less than 10 years will require an extra cost of up to 20%. This does not apply if you leave Austria!