Airport transfer


The Vienna Airport Lines (Postbus) connect Vienna International Airport with important traffic junctions of Vienna. All three Vienna Airport Lines are connected with Viennese subway lines and the Western Railway Station and “Wien Meidling”. Buses to the city center (“Morzinplatz” / “Schwedenplatz”) run 24 hours a day. You will need only 20 minutes to get to the central part of the city. The following list gives an overview of the main regional bus connections:
Bus services, bus routes and travel time:

– Vienna Morzinplatz / Schwedenplatz Vienna AirportLines – 20 min

– Vienna Donauzentrum (via VIC)Vienna Airport Lines – 40 min

– Wien Westbahnhof (via Meidling main station.)Vienna Airport Lines – 45 min

– Vienna Erdberg (VIB)Euro Lines – 15 min

– Enzersdorf / Fischa (via Fischamend)Postbus – 25 min

– Neusiedl a. See (via Bruck / Leitha)Postbus – 45 min



City Airport train

With City Airport Train (CAT) you need only 16 minutes to get to the city center (Wien Mitte / Landstrasse). Train runs every 30 min between 06.05 and 23:35.  A single ticket costs about 11 euros.


It is the most cheapest way to reach the center. It will take 30 minutes to “Wien Mitte”. The ticket costs about 4.50 euros. 

Note that if you buy a ticket for the zone 100 in Vienna (daily, weekly or monthly ticket), you need another ticket to get to the airport, because this ticket is limited by zones. These zones are shown on screens in the terminals or on cards at stations. For more information see our page Public Transport.



A good trip starts and ends with the perfect transfer.

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