Internet & Tv

Internet provider

There is a wide range of internet service providers in Vienna. However, there is only a few which offer high speed internet access. You can choose from

  • different internet speed ranges,
  • products or packages; 
  • getting a home or mobile internet connection.

The full service providers normally offer best service, assortment and speed range. They normally charge fixed rates, which start at around €20 per month.

What are the different types of high speed internet services?

Generally most providers only refer to “Broadband” (Breitband in German) internet, which is an umbrella term that covers 4 types of high speed internet:

  • cable
  • satellite
  • DSL
  • fiber optic service (a.k.a., FiOS)

Cable operates over coaxial cable TV wires and provides download speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Advantages: Cable is much faster than DSL, Dial-up internet and satellite, and more widely available in Vienna than fiber optic broadband.

Disadvantages: In most cases, the available bandwidth is shared with others in your neighborhood. This can slower down the internet service, if a lot of people are using this high speed internet at once.

Satellite, no matter where you are, offers speeds of up to 15 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. To be fair this type of high speed internet is barely used in Vienna, since coverage of the other types is basically at 100%.

Disadvantages: It’s both slower and more expensive than cable for example.

Fiber optic service (FiOS), the latest in internet connectivity types, operates over an optical network using light. Fiber optic lines are as thin as human hair!

Advantages: FiOS is the highest speed available (Come on, it is at the speed of light.)

Disadvantages: It is very expensive, compared to all other options. 

There are 2 common types of access provided:

  • a pay as you go service, which mostly is on a per-minute basis and
  • a contract based service where you pay a fixed monthly fee and receive limited access. Be aware that any of those packages require you to have an Austrian bank account. You can get one for free on our Bank Accounts page

How to choose the best internet service provider?

Simply think about in advance, what kind of browsing habits do you have. Answer those questions to yourself before you choose the provider and best plan for you:

  • Are you downloading or streaming a lot?
  • Are you more like a fair-weather browser?
  • Do you need TV channels from your home country?
  • Do you like to watch movies or sport in HD?
  • What is your Budget?

Costs and Terms

Some service provider require you to rent a modem/router (2 in 1) or buy it yourself.  Most providers in Vienna charge you for the installation. Most providers always discount their services if you package it with television and/or phone service. Discount is granted only for 3 months or 6 months at the most, so be sure to compare costs including after the bundle expires as well. Contracts can be assigned for 12, 18 and 24 months, the longer the contract lasts the cheaper your monthly fees are!

Also check probable service limitations, which can be data caps – limiting the amount of data you can use per month – or restrictions on the kinds of activities you’re allowed to do, for example running a webserver, extras and add-ons.

High speed internet providers might offer:

  • Free mail addresses and webspace (at least 250 MB)
  • Anti-virus software
  • Free Wi-Fi hotspot access all around Vienna