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Mobile plans in Austria

In Austria, there are a lot different mobile plans, provided by different companies. Because Austria supposedly is a test market for telecommunication companies, there are many providers who introduce new plans almost on a monthly basis. This results in a whole lot of options you can chose from.

Choosing between all of these frequently-changing options can be very difficult. You’ll need to  choose your mobile plan for yourself, because it all depends on your personal needs. Instead of giving you a long overview of all these plans, we will list some things that you should know to make sure that you choose the mobile plan that matches your needs perfectly.


7 steps to find the perfect plan for you!

1) First and foremost, think of your own preferences. What do you mostly do  on your phone? Do you browse a lot? Do you text a lot? Do you prefer to call your family and friends back home? Think of all your needs and choose your plan accordingly.

 2) Are you only looking for a mobile plan, or do you consider buying a new phone as well? Most of the providers offer phones along with the contract. But be warned: getting a new phone often comes with either paying more money per month, or paying an extra fee in advance.

 3) Bear in mind that one/two-year contracts are a standard procedure in the telecom business. So, if you have decided to get into an agreement, make sure that you will be in Austria for at least one year. Otherwise you will have to keep paying the monthly fees when you get home, or you will have to pay a penalty for breaking the contract.

 4) In order to enter into an agreement for a mobile plan, you need to be registered in the magistrat. You can do that within three months after you have registered in Vienna.

 5) When starting a contract you will need to bring your Meldezettel and your passport!

 6) Because some mobile plan providers have stricter requirements for internationals to open contracts check out providers online, since most of them have online shops.

 7) Once you’ve chosen the best mobile plan for yourself and you have entered into a contract, make sure that you have the necessary amount of money in your bank account every month around the date you have started it. If you don’t have any money into your account to pay your monthly fee, your bank will charge you extra!