Shared Appartments


A very popular form of housing among students is the shared flat, also called Wohngemeinschaft (WG). This is probably a good option if you’d like to submerge into Austrian lifestyle (preferably with no other students of your country and mother tongue :)). By renting a room in a shared apartment (WG) you: 



  • Pay less (depending on where the apartment is, you should assume spending about €250 to €450 per month)
  • Usually you do not need to pay commission fees
  • Meet new people
  • Get the best of being with people and spending time by yourself
  • Have your own room, but share kitchen and bathroom


How to find one?

In order to find a shared apartment in Vienna you should:

  • Search at the Universities (many Universities have an official and unofficial online forums where students exchange their needs)
  • Check the blackboards at the Universities 
  • Don’t stick only to your University….be diverse – look around at other Universities
  • Be social – ask other students. Most empty apartment spaces are filled by recommendations and word of mouth advice
  • Facebookpages

o   Like our FB page – people post on our page about free spaces at times:

 FeelsLikeHome FB Group

o   Like the Facebook Pages of the different Universities 

o   There are plenty of other useful facebook pages, like, but try to do your own research to find the best ones!



Things to be careful about

  • One person signs the tenancy agreement and becomes chief tenant. The other persons living in the apartments are subtenants only. Problems may arise when the chief tenant moves out and the subtenants cannot take over the agreement.
  • All persons living in the apartment sign the tenancy agreement and therefore have equal legal protection. The tenancy agreement does not change by any one of them moving out. Subsequent new occupants must be granted the same tenancy rights.
  • Separate tenancy agreements are signed between the landlord and each person living in the apartment for the room they are occupying.