Why Vienna?



Why move to Vienna?


Vienna has been ranked #1 city in the world for best quality of life for 9 years in a row. Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey ranks 221 cities and identifies the cities based on factors such as; safety, environment, health, education, transport and public services. Vienna has been consistently the best – so it isn’t difficult to find great reasons to live here!




  • The city is an UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its incredible architecture.
  • Very centrally located in Europe, making travel easy and affordable.
  •  Culture – Vienna has a hugely rich history, and provided a home to Freud, Klimt and Mozart, among many others!
  • The city hosts over 450 balls every year.
  • It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  • There is great public transport, with around 4,500 stations in the city. The U-Bahn runs 24 hours a day on the weekends. There are also city bikes too, available all over the city.
  • The city is currently a very stable democracy with low potential for war.
  • It has the world’s oldest zoo and Ferris wheel!
  • Vienna is the only city in the world with vineyards within the city limits.
  • Coffee culture is rife with wonderful traditional coffee houses and, of course, delicious coffee and cake.
  • At Christmas, the city transforms into a wonderland, with Christmas markets springing up all over the city. You can’t escape the abundance of fairy lights and delicious hot wine!